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Did Robert Thurman Beg for Dorje Shugden Empowerment?

September 22, 2008

Thomas Canada has stated that Robert Thurman has begged for Dorje Shugden empowerment in the past. Thom said: “Bob Thurman literally crawled across the floor and begged for the Dorje Shugden initiation. The answer was always no to Bob.”

Thomas Canada isn’t the only person I’ve heard this from, and I’d like to have more info about this for my blog. Does anyone have more information about Robert Thurman begging for Dorje Shugden empowerment in the past?


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  1. Thomas Canada/Cedar City,Utah permalink

    I’m not sure why, but Thurman is on an extended leave of absence from Columbia University for some reason… maybe he’s in Dharmasala with his sugar daddy.
    It’s clear he will need the next couple of months to prepare the answser to the interrogatories presnted to the High Courts in New Delhi. There must be piles of paper that clutter the governments office as piles of confusion . Samdung is in over his head and Thurman has already kick started his litany of lies over the local Tibetan Propaganda Radio Station. He’s crawling with indigestion tnow that he sees the corner, he has pushed themselves into with their continued deception and lies they tell and plans to steal the truth from the people.
    I’ll give him this much to his credit {maybe?}, he did tell me, that he tried to talk the Tenzin down about pursuing the Shugden Issue.
    Tenzin Gyatso Norbu went ballistic and kicked him out of the room. That’s when he called me and went ballistic.

    It will be interesting to read what comes out of their mouths next.
    More slop for the masses, is my guess. Whatever he says about others is what they are thinking of doing or have done. He spllis the plans out so clearly. They think they are dealing with idiots. Their pride is their downfall.

  2. Chelvi permalink

    In responde to your question about Robert Thurmen requesting a Dorje Shudgen empowerment but not granted…..another source who mentions something similair is Helmut Gassner who used to the Dalai Lama’s German translator and is also a Dorje Shugden practitoner. I think he says something like – Robert Thurman asked for an Dorje Shugden empowerment from a partcilar Lama and knowing his fickle nature he wasn’t granted one etc Here is a link below:
    Really interesting read and gives an insght into the real impressionable and unstable Dalai Lama!

  3. Thomas Canada/Cedar City,Utah permalink

    Dr.Ursula Bernis told me, that Tomo Geshe Rinpoche denied Bob several times. Tomo Geshe as you know founded the New York and New Delhi Tibet House . Which the Thurmans pretty much run the show these days at the Tibet House in New York.
    Even in Tibetan hiearchy, it is irreufutably acknowledged and practiced by the Tibetan Government. That only three personages are allowed to have their mortal remain interred in a Jewel studded Silver Stupa.
    The Panchen Lama, Dalia Lama and H.H. Kyabje Tomo Geshe Rinpoche.
    Alan Ginsburg used to hang with Gelelk in Madison and Gelek had given the Empowerment to Alan early on at Deere Park.
    Bob was always a gim’me this! and gim’me that kind of fellow. The Columbia Gim’me Professor began to see the Mandala of Power after the Nobel Peace Prize that they gave the Dalia Lama just to spite the Chinese. He thought psychedlics and Peace will create the New Society of his day, but always straight. If you know what I mean, seig heil! My way or the Highway!
    His intensity stemmed from the rewrite that he and Timothy Leary and Richard Albert, Alan Ginsberg with others Acid Heads did with the translation of the Evan-Wentz version of the ” Tibetan Book Of The Dead”,in late 1964. LSD and Tibetan Mahayanna Buddhism are like mixing honey with honey.
    Ginsburg and Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, inspired a generation to equate Tibetan Buddhism with psychedlic tied-dyed t-shirts and Free Tibetan. A ready resource still used today as exhibited by the protest for Free Tibet last spring.Totally ruthless use of the democratic process unsuspecting youth. Lying and deceiving everyone the way Richard mimicked his master’s and bob message to the press.
    Little Bob, always such a pushy, funny busy scholar.
    Gelek told me as I told you already, that Thurman even begged him, and it was no. For however that is decided. I myself never asked for the Empowerment. I think they gave it to me five times or more by different Lamas. I just know that Bob did not qualify , however it is decided and done. I myself do not know.
    Ursula told me that Bob used to push and connive for the Empowerment and he was always denied. I told even told Bob what I just told you. Tomo Geshe said, Bob crawled across his floor begging and crying for it and he told him no way.
    Now As you know, Dr.Ursula Bernis lived there with Tomo Geshe Rinpoche as ond of his attendants.
    So Dalia lama knows very well the drug LSD and the affects it had on his initial phase of his mission to his advantage. He plays it today. Norbu knew as he taught in school with students galore from the psychedlic days.. It’s something that might be more thoroughly investigated to understand what , how and why they do what they do today.

  4. Thomas Canada/Cedar City,Utah permalink

    Lhak-pa Gyal-tshen

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