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The Dalai Lama’s Translator Helmut Gassner’s Comments about Robert Thurman

September 23, 2008

The paragraph below comes from the article on the Dalai Lama and Dorje Shugden by Helmut Gassner

“Robert Thurman thought it appropriate to portray for Newsweek magazine a murderous Dorje Shugden cult describing it as “the Taliban of Buddhism.” Yet Robert Thurman, presumably before he begot Uma, had been one of the first Western monks with Buddhist vows and had tried twice to obtain Dorje Shugden initiation from revered masters well before the controversy began. Both masters, however, had refused on grounds of his fickle character. Thurman should know quite well what Dorje Shugden actually is about.”

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  1. Thomas Canada/Cedar City,Utah permalink

    “The Early Years Of Taliaban Bob Thurman”
    {a brief reflection on the spectrum of bipolar spectres}

    Thinking of Lord Buddha as a Healer and we are the recepients of the medicine he prescribed for the maldies of the human condition.
    I thought, what is it about Bob ‘Taliban’ Thurman that has caused him to behave so ruthlessly towards the sentient-beings?

    Why would he crawl across floor begging and pleading for an obscure initiation of Dorje Shugden from a Great Master in Tomo Geshe Rinpoche?
    I cringe to think how bizarre Bob must have looked @ well over 6’2-3″, to the small lithe frame of Tomo Geshe Rinpoche?

    Actually, I do know as Dr. Ursula Bernis described this absurd parody to me, with the acute delight and great embellishments of Bob looked crawling across the floor, to Tomo Geshe at the time.
    Begging for the Empowerment.
    Hence, is why I attached a partial probable profile for poor Taliban Bob, and why his erractic behavior and hostility towards others within close proximity of his mouth or fist. One proceeded with a certain measure of caution towards self preservation.
    His retreat from clinically controlled LSD Experiments into his brief encounter as a monk to return to his servitude to humanity as a Narcissitc Pathological Bi Polar Psychotic Professor of Eastern Studies.
    I am groping for which of the remedies of Lord Buddha apply for Taliban Bob. It is only a brushstroke of his destructive personality profile.
    It bears considertion to help us resolve Bob and Tenzin’s sickness.
    Because, as Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche would say, “Thom, the Dalia Lama is sick, We are doing a Great Healing on the Dalia Lama”.
    If we understand the root cause of a problem.
    We can more clearly understand the medicine to administer.
    One good prayers is infinitely more beneficial than a thousand limp prayers.
    Therefore, I see these people, Tenzin Gyatso Norbu, Taliban Bob Thurman, Samdung as sick.
    Their delusions spill over into the real world and therefore should be attended and quieted somehow.
    The initial influence of Timothy Leary’s LSD Experiments on Bob that set the stage for Bob to try and forget his LSD experiences and become a monk . He found this unsatisfactory and married his compatriot from the LSD Indian Print Tent , Timothy Leary’s ex wife, Neena from Sweden.
    Bob began the Hip Life of the New York Beat Society and there he could rub elbows in the bubble bath tub with Alan Ginsburgs and Gelek.
    One of the favorite pastimes of the New Elite Of The Beat.
    How would I Know? Well Alan used to come to Bloomington, and more than once. He would rap from the Bubble Bath in a old apartment overlooking the main street of Kirkwood across the street from People’s Park. For one thing and there’s a book more.
    So, I contemplate why he has been and what he will do to compete the satiation of his inner Hungry Ghost. My intent is to keep him from doing anymore harm than he already has to the Global Sangha due to his condition being all wrong.
    I do understand what we are up against and what the risk are and how quickly the tables can turn.
    In the end, all sentient beings must be liberated for all to be one.
    We must consider this from all sides to administer just the right amount of the Buddha’ Remedies to these folks.

    The Bipolar spectrum refers to a category of mood disorders that feature abnormally elevated mood. These disorders range from Bipolar I disorder, featuring full-blown manic episodes, to cyclothymia, featuring less prominent hypomanic episodes. These disorders may also present with depressive symptoms or episodes that alternate with the elevated mood states, or with mixed episodes.

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