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Robert Thurman Meets Kelsang Pema

September 24, 2008
Robert Thurman Meets Kelsang Pema
Robert Thurman Meets Kelsang Pema at Lehigh University – In his hands, he holds the booklet ‘The Tibetan Situation – Surprising Hidden News’

 The Tibetan Situation – Surprising Hidden News

 Robert Thurman met Kelsang Pema briefly while the Western Shugden Society was protesting outside the Dalai Lama’s teachings at Lehigh University in Bethleham, Pennsylvania. When she first approached him he said “You should be ashamed of yourself!” Pema said that she had heard the he had been saying that the Western Shugden Society was sponsored by the Chinese. Robert Thurman replied “Of course your funded by the Chinese.” Pema asked what proof he had to base his statements on. He said “You use the same terminology as the Chinese like ‘fuedalism’ and ‘theocracy’.” Can you believe that this is the kind of information that Robert Thurman bases his statements on? Is he really a bestselling author?

  1. Thomas Canada/Cedar City,Utah permalink

    Well, I was just cleaning up the dishes after the dinner I made for my family.The old fashion way, by hand.
    I was thinking about the meeting with Taliaban Bob greeting a visitor to our country from another land and what he said to her.
    I must apologize for his rude crude manners to our guest. People traveling to America, home of the brave and the Bill Of Rights. The reasons that anyone from any country can come here and live by the honored freedoms. Bob is a passive agressive bi polar pathological liar with big delusions of grandeur.
    Basically he is what we refer to as an asshole.
    Everybody has one, but some of us have two, like Bob!
    I apologize for his crudness and mine, but what I can I do?
    He is so far away in Dharmasala lying to the poor illilterate and fearful refugees, perched up on their hill or squeashed into the Ghetto scattered across the lands.
    Except for the few. What is alter-ego’s name, I forget! The one who is to replace him? Anyway,he’s already scaling up with his guest hall from a capacity for 20 to 350 individual Las Vegas Styled rooms. Not bad, a baby potala. Sorry, I digressed
    Oh yeah! I was saying that I noticed how rude Bob was to Kelsang Pema. I think he said’ “You should be ashamed of yourself!.
    As I was washing the dishes, “I thought, all he needed was to put his apron on and he could have flipped and spit at her instead.”
    As he knew the tribals tibetans would in New York if they encountered the Shugden Devotees. He made sure they did. You can count on that,it was no accident, but a premeditated act by his command.
    He is that way as I said before.
    I apologize for his poor manner. That’s what happens when he leaves his medication in his jacket. The Red One.
    Oh yes! I Loved the part where he said, You used words!
    Fduh! Go figure?
    He said, you say medieval and theocratic. What?.
    Give me patience.
    Go figure Taliaban Bob?
    There’s a saying I know it for a fact to be true, as it happened to me and I’ll Share this Wisdom With you, Bob.
    Which is…………….,
    ” You See the Same People Going Down”
    “As You Did, On The Way Up”.
    ‘See You Soon Taliaban Bob’ !

  2. Harry permalink

    Hi Thomas,

    I’m not sure if calling Thurman “Taliban Bob” and “an asshole” is very appropriate. If you don’t like that he has been disrespectful towards Shugdenites why are you disrespectful to him? Frankly i think this detracts impact from your words. It is also a bad example and gives bad press to Shugden practitioners.

    I am an NKT Shugden practitioner myself, so i hope the blog owner will allow my post. My criticism is intended in a constructive way.


  3. Harry permalink

    Hi Thomas,

    I lack time right now, i will try to reply within the next few days.

    I just wanted to clarify that this is not my site. Even if it was you wouldn’t be bothering me. I appreciate dialogue.

  4. Lobzang Tengyi permalink

    Mr, Kuun-yada,

    Bob Thurman may be an asshole but he is the Dalai Lama’s asshole as well. He is way over the top in his foppish, pedantic ways and knows not when he has carried away with himself — but what can you say, except as you did, that he always forgets the “red” medication in his pocket … Still with all his ivy tower peevishness he should have been able to come up with better than “you’re using the same jargon.” Weak, Bob … you’re slipping. You’re a foppish asshole, a fashole — a fascile hole and you’re pulling in the ground with you as you try to repudiate the views of the great Kalsang Pema.

  5. Parker Rush permalink

    I think Robert Thurman’s words were unwise and certainly uncalled for. However, as a Shugden practitioner, although I differ from his views, I recognize that for all his wrongs he possesses many rights. I’m not perfect so I have no ground to besmirch another. Thurman is just as much caught in Samsara as I am. I think Kelsang Pema has set a great example for Kadampa Buddhists in that compassion is the supreme vehicle for understanding. The most any one can do for the Gelugpa school, and for Je Tsongkhapa’s legacy, is show kindness. After all, as Buddhists we believe in universal compassion and equanimity. Let us generate bodhicitta for Mr. Thurman and hope that our good will will serve to dispel any delusions he or other Dalai Lama supporters may have. Peaceful, non-divisive dialogue is essential. Remember to treat all sentient beings as if they were your own mother. Therefore, referring to your mother as Taliban Bob is unwarranted and innapropiate. I realize your intentions were for the best but let us remain civil.


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